Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lincoln County Fair

Once again the Sandersons cleaned house at the Lincoln County Fair. Emily won a blue ribbon and runner-up Best of Show for her Molasses Crinkles. The Best of Show is for the entire fair. Her muffins took 2nd. My niece, Aubony, won a blue ribbon and BEST OF SHOW for her Almond Shortbread cookies.

The kids had a blast going on all of the Carnival rides. We got the blue braclet so they could go on unlimited rides. It more than paid for itself. They went on this stupid Gee Weez ride a millon times. Everytime it was over they would run back to the line and get back on. I can't believe they weren't all sick.


Lindsay Cahoon said...

Oh, molasses crinkles! I shall forever be in your debt for introducing me to them. I'll never forget the first time we had tham...when you drove Katie and me to Provo and I was in Heaven with those cookies.

Nathan said...

Nice work Emily!! You didn't make me any cookies while you were here!!??