Sunday, November 30, 2008

catch up

thomas turned 7 last sunday. i felt kinda of bad because i didn't have his birthday all planned out and then we had the fire and had to leave for a few days. when they finally went back to school, there were only a few days left in the week and we were going to have his party on friday.
what to do, what to do? well, get a ton of legos and throw them on a tarp at the park. most awesome party ever. the boys loved just building and really didn't want to do any of the contest we had planned. i made the most amazing lego cake, but didn't get any pictures. trust me, it was perfect!!! (right)

thomas and zachary racing cars
(note the cast on zachary's arm. he tripped over his
shoelace and broke it.)
the boys and lily playing legos

janie and jill pounding cake

brooke and her ghetto wrapping paper. even jane is embarrassed.
just kidding brooke, we know you had a horrible week.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Going Home

The evacuations were finally lifted last night. We decided to wait until this morning to head home. Our house is fine, along with Chris' parents, Jon and Teresa Conk, Scott and Dawn Conk, and Matt and Brooke Flake. Unfortunately as many of you have heard, Chris' Aunt Dori and Uncle Chuck lost their home. It is probably the saddest thing that has ever happened. If any of you have ever had the honor to meet these two outstanding people, you have been blessed. They are the two most generous, loving, caring people you could ever meet. Chuck is bishop in his ward. Even though he knew his house was burning he was still reaching out trying to contact people and make sure everyone was safe. He was up at 5:30 yesterday morning carrying on with his duties. What a faithful servant. Please keep them in your prayers. Thank you for your calls and concern. We are totally fine. We had plenty of time to grab some things from our house and from Chris' parents house. It is funny how little material things mean to you when it comes down to it. I am so thankful for my family and my especially my husband. I am so thankful for our gospel. I love the way that everyone pulled together. Calling and making sure that everyone was okay and had a place to stay. Thank you to Steve and Carol for opening up their beautiful ( and very dangerous home for a grabby one year old) to us. Thank you Gloria for the groceries. You don't know how much your hospitality meant to this shaken little family. Please remember the Flake Family in you prayers.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

YL Update

As many of you have heard we had a monster firestorm yesterday. We are still under manditory evacuations. As far as we know our house is okay, along with Bill and Sue, Matt and Brooke, Jon and Teresa, and Dawn and Scott. We will let you know if anything changes. Right now we are staying in Dana Point. Brooke is suppose to be on her way with her kids and hopefully Dori. Keep us in your prayers.


Just updating from our evacuation point. We are still under manditory evacuation. Our house is okay as far as we know. Guess we will enjoy the beautiful weather at the beach. Too bad we didn't think to grab our swimsuits.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Kellyn

sorry about the red eyes, they bring out the roses in your shirt

Today is my sister Kellyn's birthday.
13 things I love about her (13 because her birthday is the 13th)
1- She is the best Aunt in the world.
2- One of the only people I know that would be suckered into buying a Princess Jellyfish. (still a favorite.)
3-Shares my love of Mountain Hair. Knows the danger of high humidity.
4-Appreciates the power of a Jerry Lee Lewis ring. She never tries to abuse that power.
5- Gives the best presents.(princess jellyfish)
6-She is very kind and compassionate, a lover not a fighter.
7-She can pack for a week vacation in a backpack. (never checks her luggage)
8-She is very adventurous.
9- She is very talented musician. She can play about any instrument.
10- She loves honey.
11-(thinks) She is a dog whisperer. (has the scars to prove it)
12-She offers you a choice for a baby present of either 1-something practical like shoes or 2- something awesome like an astrological chart. (always go for the chart)
13- She is my sister and I LOVE HER.
Happy Birthday Kel-Tone.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The number you have reached...

is no longer in service. We have disconnected our home phone service. If you need to reach us call us on our celluar phones. (good luck, considering we get crappy reception at home, good thing we are never there!)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Indie, Punk (minus awesome pink mohawk), Cheerleader, Alice