Sunday, May 17, 2009

week in review

thomas in "baseball ready" positioncoach chris making an important call
jillo in the sand

poor baby
we have survived another week with only minor injury. (or shall i say grandma and grandpa and their house survived.) jillian took a spill on the sports court and is now sporting a terrible scab on her nose. the bad part is she is a picker and can't stand the thing on her nose. hopefully she doesn't scar.
thomas had his last baseball game yesterday. he had a great season with the d backs. chris was able to help coach. it was fun seeing him out there with all of the kids. thomas' coach was an awesome guy. he had so much enthusiasm, especially for a coach pitch team.
we are counting down the days until our big move. getting very excited. we have visited our new ward twice and are amazed at the amount of kids there. i think that there are more kids in their primary than we had members in our ward.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

new house

i was able to upload a few pictures prior to the picasa episode. fortunately they are of our new house. escrow should close in the next couple of weeks. it is a brand spankin new house. we will be the first to ever live in it. i will post some before and afters of the house. basically all we have to do is move in. the walls are all white, so we are going to throw on some paint and personalize it a bit. it is an awesome house with a great yard. we are very excited and can't wait to move in.

you've got to be kidding me...

i just spent the last 30 minutes uploading some 672 pictures off of my camera card. pictures of everything that has happened this spring. easter, houses, kids singing in school, playing soccer, a trip to the river. jillian with various liquids in her hair. messes with eggs. somehow they are now all gone. i am crying. real tears. darn you picasa. darn you.