Thursday, March 27, 2008

easter vacation

why can't i mow the lawn in heels and
a wedding dress?
tom was too sick to even look for eggs
emily was crying about something
she didn't feel well either
my easter chicks
sweet 6 month jillo
a peek of my new etsy stuff

stay tuned for more
our honey baked was a total bust

absolutely no ham candy

its why you pay the big bucks

they did give us a gift certificate for a new one

tom and porter doing puzzles

the first time tom felt well enough to do any thing

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just some thoughts

The kids have been saying the best things lately. I keep telling myself that I need to write them down.

Thomas' class is having a multi-cultural day on Friday and they are suppose to bring some sort of food item in to share. He was asking me what a culture was. I told him it was the country where your family comes from. He said, "Well, we are from Fullerton." Awesome. So what food do we get to bring?

Allie has been so excited to for Easter. Every night she asks if she can get her "Easter Bag" down for the easter bunny. I think she is getting Halloween confused with Easter.

Easter Eggs

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma June

Tonight we had the honor and pleasure of spending the evening with Chris' Grandma June and several aunts and uncles from the Kendig Family. It is Grandma June's 90th birthday tomorrow. She looks really good for 90. We also learned how to make millions with various different strategies for casino games from Uncle Frank. All in all it was a super night of birthday fun!
Grandma June and Grampy
Jillie chowing on a spoon.
Aunt Dana feeding Jills ice cream. She couldn't get enough of it.
Jillie loved Aunt Soon . She laid like this rubbing her hair until she was asleep.
T and Thomas enjoying their ice cream.

Weekend at Auntie Belva's

Saturday we spent the day at Russ and Auntie Belva's fabulous Palm Springs house. Every spring Aunt Belva comes from Washington D.C. to spend a couple of weeks in SoCal. She has all of the Borgquist clan over for a day of swimming and eating. It is always such a fun time. We love seeing all of the cousins especially her daughters and their families that we don't get to see as often as we would like. We love you guys!

A big thank you to Chris Cummings, thank you for always wearing out my kids.
Jillie's first time swimming. Why do rolls look good on her and not me?
The whole party
Love, true love Janie grazing on grass

Uncle Steve's Blue Steel

Jillie sitting up like big girl