Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weekend at Auntie Belva's

Saturday we spent the day at Russ and Auntie Belva's fabulous Palm Springs house. Every spring Aunt Belva comes from Washington D.C. to spend a couple of weeks in SoCal. She has all of the Borgquist clan over for a day of swimming and eating. It is always such a fun time. We love seeing all of the cousins especially her daughters and their families that we don't get to see as often as we would like. We love you guys!

A big thank you to Chris Cummings, thank you for always wearing out my kids.
Jillie's first time swimming. Why do rolls look good on her and not me?
The whole party
Love, true love Janie grazing on grass

Uncle Steve's Blue Steel

Jillie sitting up like big girl


Lindsay Cahoon said...

1. I hope I didn't miss out on any sweet games of Shark.
2. Why are Sue and Jan sitting so far apart from each other?
3. Brooke, if you read this, your hair looks so cute!

Katie said...

I am so mad I wasn't there! Matt and Brooke are so in love! Jillie's rolls are awesome. It looks like I really missed out on a lot of fun! Boo hoo.