Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Kellyn

sorry about the red eyes, they bring out the roses in your shirt

Today is my sister Kellyn's birthday.
13 things I love about her (13 because her birthday is the 13th)
1- She is the best Aunt in the world.
2- One of the only people I know that would be suckered into buying a Princess Jellyfish. (still a favorite.)
3-Shares my love of Mountain Hair. Knows the danger of high humidity.
4-Appreciates the power of a Jerry Lee Lewis ring. She never tries to abuse that power.
5- Gives the best presents.(princess jellyfish)
6-She is very kind and compassionate, a lover not a fighter.
7-She can pack for a week vacation in a backpack. (never checks her luggage)
8-She is very adventurous.
9- She is very talented musician. She can play about any instrument.
10- She loves honey.
11-(thinks) She is a dog whisperer. (has the scars to prove it)
12-She offers you a choice for a baby present of either 1-something practical like shoes or 2- something awesome like an astrological chart. (always go for the chart)
13- She is my sister and I LOVE HER.
Happy Birthday Kel-Tone.

1 comment:

kellyn said...

thanks for the custom list, kris-a. what a touching gift! i was feeling a bit misty there...must have been my summertime cold. *sniffle*
love you sis,