Saturday, August 4, 2007


So it was the Jr. Rodeo last night. We talked the kids into signing up to ride sheep and calves. The closest my kids have ever been to livestock is to look at them through the fence. I don't think that they have actually ever touched one.

Thomas was suppose to be in the 5-6 year old calf riding and Emily was going to do the 9-10 year olds. Well I guess that they had to lump all of them together so both of them were in the 7-9 year olds. For some reason I thought that they just turned a bunch of calves out in the arena and the kids had to try to grab on to one. It turned out that they put them in shoots and they were strapped on like pro-rodeo riders.

After seeing how big the sheep were Thomas started to get second thoughts. Aubony (my niece) already dropped out. My nephews, Pete and Callin, rode the sheep and did a great job. I walked over to see the calves. These were full grown cows. I didn't blame Thomas for not wanting to do it. Emily was still up for it though. The funny thing was Allie really wanted to ride something. She had my sister make her a number and she insisted on wearing a helmet around. We tried to get Thomas in the sheep riding but he just missed it. So Ems rode the cow. The sad thing is my camera battery died right when they opened the shoot. My sisters got some pics so I will try to get some from them.

There were some smaller calves and we were wondering why they were making these little kids ride these cows. Turned out that those were wild steers and they actually bucked like a real bull. My nephew Fernando was riding those and all of the 10-13 year olds were backing out. He got on and got smashed in the face. His nose was bleeding and probably has 2 black eyes today.

Allie really wanted to stay and chase the chickens, but we were all pretty much done with the rode.

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