Monday, March 9, 2009

Allison is 5 a week late

last saturday allie turned 5. she wanted to have a princess tea party. everything was planned and set up ready to go and the birthday girl got sick. she had a headache and a fever and fell asleep before her party and did not want to get up. it was the saddest day ever. for a month she would ask how many sleeps until her party. lucky for us the Tylenol kicked in and she had a blast with her friends. good thing we had emily here to entertain them. i told the moms the wrong time to pick up, so had we had 5 four and five year olds for an extra 1 1/2. good times. by the end of the party allie was beat. lucky for thomas and me we ended up getting allie's illness and all three of us were out of commission for the whole week. i am not exaggerating when i say i have never been so sick in my entire life. today is the first day that i feel half way normal.
a funny story about the birthday. when one of the moms called to say that her daughter was coming to the party she said a christmas tea party how fun. i thought that she said christmas not princess, but didn't know if it was my phone. sure enough her husband comes with the little girl to the party. she is dressed in her christmas dress. her dad says after about 20 minutes, this is a princess party, not christmas. right. they had even wrapped the present in christmas paper. the poor little girl wanted to wear her cinderella dress and her mom kept telling her no, it wasn't a princess party. then she shows up and sees all of the princesses.


Jan Moran said...

I feel your pain. It was definitely a bad bug if it was the same one that attacked me. I'm glad Allie had a few hours to enjoy the party, but that's a sad little girl at the end! Hope the tea cups worked--maybe I should have sent the Christmas ones.

Nathan said...

That's it, I'm breaking out the Christmas music in March this year.

the kendig family said...

poor allie i was so sad that she couldn't come downstairs. natedog that is so funny what you posted love- emmy