Wednesday, February 18, 2009

today i love

being at home with my little ones.
fresh baked bread and homeade raspberry jam.
being smothered with kisses by a 16 month old.
reading and listening to stories by an almost 5 year old.
watching jillian try to be one of the big girls, slow down baby.
looking at the green, green hills and clear blue sky after all of the rain.
listening to the chatter of allie and lily as they play on the computer.
having a healthy, strong body that allows me to care for my family.
all my many, many blessings.
jillian's second tooth finally came in. not the typical bottom tooth.
she sprouted a top tooth instead.


Tonya said...

don't you ove have days of clarity like can get hectic, but all is takes is seeing how blessed you are with all the simple things around you to make you realize how lucky you are...

my little ones get me everytime...there is nothing like watching them sleep or taking time out to dance with them to make me realize everything I need is right here...

glad you had a great day!


Tonya said...

p.s. I really need to proof before I post comments...sorry for the mispellings galore!