Monday, October 20, 2008

monday, monday or tough love

meet thomas.

likes: legos, video games, baseball, skateboarding, ice cream, cooking, the beach, wyoming. dislikes: MONDAYS.

poor thomas, just can't get going on mondays. he has always been an early riser, but not on mondays. every excuse possible for why he can't go to school. today was tough on me. he said that he couldn't go to school because he sees the other moms there and it makes him think of me and then he cries. nice try thomas, go brush your teeth and put your shoes on.


Lindsay Cahoon said...

Poor Tom Tom. I feel his pain. Most times I skip a shower on Monday mornings because it's just too stinking hard to get up. I figure I don't get that dirty on Sundays anyway.

Marcy said...

What the heck! I just saw your comment on my blog! How are you doing? 4 kids . . . so cute. I can totally see you in them. Where do you live now? Last I talked to you I think you were in CA?