Wednesday, October 8, 2008


monday we made caramel apples for family night. the kids love unwrapping the caramels. i love for them to help because it is my least favorite job. i think that only like because they eat every other caramel they unwrap. what does jillo do while we make caramel apples? internets of course. she is obsessed with the computer. climbs up on the desk whenever you turn your back.

thomas was awarded the principal's award last week. pretty awesome. he also has been a scoring machine in soccer. scoring the only goals his team has. emily had about 20 shots but never got one in. so close. allie has been loving/hating school. loves it when she is there, hates getting there. jills had to have 4 shots yesterday. today is a fun day. so whiny.

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Lindsay Cahoon said...

Mmmm. The black and white one looks especially delicious.