Friday, August 22, 2008

Tito's Spatacular Birthday Bash

Tonight is Emily's 10th birthday blowout. We had a spa event. Boy what an event. I made little make up bags for the ten girls. Bath fizzies, lip gloss, pedicures, parafin treatments, facials, ding dong ditching, tp'n, you name it we pretty much did it. I was so excited to use may giant cupcake pan. I used the Williams-Sonoma recipe that came with it. GAG ME. It was so cute, but so nasty to eat. The girls weren't afraid to let me know that it was pretty much disgusting. Got to admire their honesty. Now off to bed for me, I have wax to scrap off of every surface of my home in the morning. More pictures later.


Lindsay Cahoon said...

I can't believe that Baby Emily is 10 years old! I feel like a grandma.

ruth said...

The cake looks so cute. What a great idea!