Thursday, August 21, 2008

Savannah's Nursery

this is the nursery that i did earlier this summer, well almost all summer. i'm kind of sad that i
took such crappy pictures of it because it turned out really well if i do say so myself. those drapes are nine feet long. yes i said nine feet of black out lined fabric. they were so heavy. i am surprised the rod held them up.


Tonya said...

gorgeous! I am dying over that chandelier! I was in Old town orange at almost bought one at one of the antique stores....BUt we need FANS out here where it is HOT!



Lindsay Cahoon said...

Kristina, I've never been more impressed in my whole life. Whose nursery is that? If Judd and I decide to have a baby, I hope you are still sewing in 15 years.