Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lock up your children

Yesterday we where in Hollywood having a ab fab time shopping. We went to this little store that Chris loves called Posers. They lady that owns it is always so nice to the kids. Well she decided to give Jills a present. She pulls off the shelf the cutest little pair of TUK kitty cat mary janes. We tried to get Allie to try these on last summer but she refused. Now she wants them because the lady gave them to Jill. While Chris was inside chatting with the people I went out with the kids. This group of guys and a dog walk by. They come up to another guy with a dog and one guy that looks like Andy Dick slaps the other dog. So I say to Chris, "that crazy man looks like Andy Dick." A few minutes later we were waiting for the light to change to cross the street and the group of men with the dog wanders up to us and it really was Andy Dick. He was really, really, drunk, but yet still funny. He kept talking to the kids and then telling us, "I have kids." We wanted to stay and talk to him but our kids were yelling that light changed. When we got to the other side we were trying to tell them who he was. When they found out that he is the voice for some bunny on a movie they like they were sad.


Katie said...

what a dick. oh wait...what? what?

Lindsay Cahoon said...

What the heck kind of blogger are you, Kristina? I can't believe you didn't take a picture.

the kendig family said...

i know, i pretty much suck!