Sunday, June 1, 2008

Busy Busy Week

We went to Irvine Park for a Mommy and Me group on Friday.
It was really fun watching Allie play with her friends.
Allie and Margaux
Allie and Issac. He kept posing like a family picture.
It was hillarious.

Allie riding Freddy. This was the slowest pony ever.
This little stink bug is "army" crawling everywhere.

She is so fast. Before we can turn around she is gone

pulling herself up on things, letting go and then falling
down. Getting big too fast. Notice the red marks
between her eyes.

Thomas has his "Spring Sing" at school
this week. It was so cute. They even did
a little square dance. It was so sad because
a little boy in his foursome got clocked upside the
head when the first started dancing and couldn't
stop crying. They finally had to pull him out of
the performance.

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Katie said...

yeah for cute kids! I love the last picture of Tom...cutest face EVER!