Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thomas the Homerun King

Thomas has really been doing awesome in baseball lately. He plays for the Angels and has such a great coach. Friday, their coach took the whole team to see an Angels game. We thought it was funny because we didn't send Thomas with any money to buy souvenirs. Well he comes home with a little bat and $15. Our friends sent their son with $20 and a mitt and he came home empty handed. We later found out that the coach thought that our friend's money was Thomas'. Yesterday at his game Thomas was a hitting machine. He finally has gotten his timing right on his swing. He hit a homerun out to center field. It was so awesome. Luckily grandma was walking up right when it happened so she got to witness it.


Lindsay Cahoon said...

Way to go, Tom! He definitely gets his sports skills from you...that's right, I haven't forgotten that time I went to your basketball game. Mad skills.

the kendig family said...

thanks for remembering. i like to think that he gets it from me also. i was hoping you were thinking of the softball game at gilbert elementary school by granny's when i flattened a certain little boy.