Tuesday, April 8, 2008

San Diego

Last weekend Grandma Koral, Jennie and all of the boys were suppose to come down for spring break. When they were driving down they hit a patch of black ice and spun around and hit the guard rail and "smashed the suburban all to heck." We were sad but they were all okay. Grandma got a new car and they are on their way down today! We went down to San Diego to see Aunt Kellyn and Uncle Chip. We went to La Jolla and Birch Aquarium. Emily is studying missions and so we went to the San Diego Mission.

Allie loved the Kelp Tank
Kelly, Emily, and Thomas
Allie and Thomas
Great White Shark
Poor Thomas eating pavement at the Mission
On the Mission steps (Allie has her beloved "Princess
Jellyfish that Aunt Kelly got her)

Daddy and his girls


Lindsay Cahoon said...

Poor Grandma Koral! Remember that time I drove through Afton and didn't even get to see Grandma Koral...what a bust. I'm still upset about that. I can't believe how old Emily looks in those pictures.

Katie said...

Poor Grandma Koral! ( I know I just copied what lindsay said but I was planning on saying that before I read what she wrote so I wrote it anyway!) What a bummer! San Diego looks like fun! Johnny told me that he wants to play with Thomas.

the kendig family said...

We want Johnny to come and play with Thomas. Better yet I am willing to send Thomas to play with Johnny.