Sunday, May 6, 2007

Super "T"

Today after church we went to Grandma Sue's for lunch. It was such a nice day we were outside playing with the kids. Emily ("T") decided to skim the pool. She was up on the wall (#6 for those of you that know Grandma Sue's pool) skimming away and Allie decided that she should join her. Allie has been climbing along those walls since before she could walk and we have never had any accidents. Not so lucky today. Emily knocked Allie into the deep end of the freezing cold pool with the pole of the skimmer. So in goes Allie, banana and all. We are glad that Emily jumped in immediately after her and swam her to the edge! Lucky for Allie she still was holding her banana and was able to finish it off. Are you still considered a hero if you are the one that caused the accident in the first place?


Brooke said...

Go Emily!!! We are so proud.

Lindsay Cahoon said...

Haha. Nothing better than a cold, wet banana. Falls off #6 can be pretty scary.