Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boy or Girl?

Christopher just got back from a trip to the National Restaurant show in Chicago. Nothing like spending nights eating at nice restaurants and days at a convention with more restaurants shoving delicious food in your face all day. It is all wasted on him because he hates eating out. Send me next year.

So we get up super early this morning so that we can get Emily off to school and Thomas and Allie to grandma's so I can go for my ultra-sound.

Everything was going smoothly until we get to the ultra-sound place. They try telling me they can't do the ultra-sound because they don't have approval from our insurance. After I call the insurance and get things moving (we didn't need the approval) we sit for what seems like hours when you have an extremely full bladder. Finally they call us in. The technichian does her stuff then turned the screen so Chris and I could see the baby. She shows us all of the parts and we still after 3 kids can't tell the eyes from the mouth from the stomach. She tries to get to the good stuff and of course the baby has its butt down against the cervic and refuses to move. She pokes it, I poke it. I shake it. I turn on my side and nothing. It is not going to move. So what we have here is another Emily Jayne. We were very dissapointed. Mostly me and Thomas. I hate surprises and really want to get things ready. Hopefully when I go to my regular appointment I will be able to talk my doctor into doing another ultra-sound so we can know the sex. Oh, our luck!

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Lindsay Cahoon said...

What rotten luck. Things don't look good for this baby...it's already being difficult.