Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Star Wars

Welcome to our blog. This is actually Chris' job as family historian but like everything else I end up doing it because he is too busy.

Saturday we went to the California Science Center with the kids. The had an awesome Star Wars exhibit. They had the original costume and models from the movies. Mostly the original three. Thomas was in heaven. Allie and Emily really didn't show much interest. Emily had her friend Tess with her and they were too busy following around a "Disney Channel Star" they saw.


Leah said...

Chris, you looked thrilled to be there. I think Gelo would have peed in his pants.
OXOX, Leah

kellyn said...

the darth vader pic is classic.

the only photo in its league is the one of us in front of the west family headstone in the cardston, alberta cemetery. dad appears interested; everyone else, clearly, is not.