Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mom, do you have super powers?

I was going through the pictures on our computer and found these awesome ones of Thomas when he had his mohawk. We had to shave it because the next week was Emily's baptism and it didn't seem appropriate.

Lately Allie and Tom have been watching a lot of Justice League and Super Friends. Almost daily Tom asks me or Chris a question regarding a superhero match-up of some sort. For example, "Who is faster, Dash from the Incredibles or the Flash?" Chris's response, "Flash because he is older." "How fast would it take if Dash and Flash were combined to get to India?" (for some reason for Thomas India is his measure for something that is really far away)
"About 2 seconds?"
Allison is the best to watch Justice League with. She knows all of the characters, even John the alien. She kept telling us that his name was John and we didn't believe her until we looked it up. Allie asked me the other day, "Mom, do you have super powers?" No. "Does daddy then?" No. I think that was the first time in her young life she was really disappointed in her parents.

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