Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy New Year

Christmas came and went. We had an awesome time in Wyoming with all of the family and grandma and grandpa. The kids loved the snow. For some reason I didn't take any pictures. I did take some video though. A quick update of the past month and a half:
Emily has had the never ending soccer season. She has been on an awesome team for a few seasons now. They recently got invited to play in the Commissioner's Cup and made it through the finals all the way to the championship game! Unfortunately, they lost to a really good team from Orange. Everyone was impressed with her team, and their second place medals are great. They didn't have any substitute players and were playing against teams with up to 4 subs. They played their hearts out.

Thomas finally lost one of his little nubby top teeth. He grinds his teeth and has basically ground his baby teeth down to nothing.

Allie started ballet again. She is so excited because her cousin and best friend (that's what she calls her) Lily is in her class. They are so cute together.

Thomas lost a tooth and Jillian finally found one.

15 1/2 months old and we finally have our first tooth. Just one. Don't want to rush things. Jillian has turned into a climber. She moves chairs, benches, anything to get to what she wants. Nothing is safe. She used to love to dance on the table but now has moved on to bigger and better things like the island.

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ruth said...

Only one tooth! I thought harper was a slow one in the tooth thing but he has 8.