Sunday, September 14, 2008

week in review

another week has passed. how does it go so fast? i feel a lot like jills does in the picture. just tired. the secon d week of school went off without a hitch, mostly. thoms was sick on monday, had to go to the doctor because of his asthma. he was worried about coughung at school. he thought that his teacher would get mad. his teacher is super nice, not that any teacher would getr mad at a kid for coughing. his soccer is down to one practice a week!!! he had a game friday against our friend's team. he played well, but they still lost. next time the spiders will be victorious. ems team ruled on saturday. she is being more aggressive and even trying to shoot some goals. one day she will score! back to school night was thursday. met their teachers. loved both of them. excited for the year. allie likes "teeny tots" now. she got in trouble because she was "too tired" to help clean up. actually the teacher said that none of the kids were helping and the parents needed to talk to them about it. jills is taking more and more steps. she will take about four steps and then just throw herself towards the intended target. doesn't matter if you are within arms reach or not. she has lots of bumps and bruises to show for it. kids are excited because grandma koral is coming for jills birthday on sunday. allie wasn't too excited at first, mostly because it was the day she got in trouble at school. i asked her why she didn't want grandma to visit. she said because she smells. awesome. what does she smell like? well not just her but her house and it smells like candy and snow. true, it does smell like candy and snow, whats not to like about that? thomas lost another tooth. it came out at church last sunday. he was mad because the tooth fairy didn't come, well he did he just put the money under the top bunk pillow. good recovery tooth fairy. works everytime.


Brooke said...

I always thought the tooth fairy was a girl.

Lindsay Cahoon said...

I always thought the tooth fairy was a girl who smelled like candy and snow.

Julie G. said...

Its care! dang your kids are cute. Good work tooth fairy! Oh and yes i almost did your hubby to dance at the dance and the slurpee was a hit i loved the flavors i even mixed them together to create an even better flavor:) Lets get bulk soon. Peace out G