Friday, July 18, 2008


Did the title of this post sink in yet? If not, let me restate that this particular Saturday (July 12, 2008) was the best Saturday of all time. Period. Brace yourself...

EVENT #1: Our daughter Allison was chosen to be on a TV show on Nick Jr. Today was the shoot. Costumes, hair, makeup, lights, cameras, dancing, waving, riding, voice-overs, etc. Allison was an angel. No, really, she was. It was a blast from start to finish. Quite obviously, we shot thousands of photos but were asked by the producers not to post them online until after the program had aired. I know what you're thinking, "So what, let's see those photos!" The answer is no. We will let you know when the show is going to air when we find out ourselves.

Caption: Allison's homecoming after the shoot. Sign by Emily.

EVENT #2: The World Outdoor Racquetball Championships (WOR) were taking place in Huntington Beach. Top WOR competitors also play indoor racquetball (what Chris is addicted to). Our family witnessed Chris' heroes (the masters) live in action. Legends of the game were there - Carson, Hogan, Gonzalez, etc. - battling it out for #1. So killer!

Caption: Thomas, Chris, and #1 Racquetball Player in the WORLD Rocky Carson!

EVENT #3: Huntington Beach. Sun, sand, very nice breeze, warm water, great pier. Perfect end to an incredible day. Hadn't been there in years. Loved it. Would consider marrying it.

I could go on and on about how fun AND funny the Aquabats TV pilot was that we watched when we got home, but that would be overkill. How could tomorrow ever follow today?


Katie said...

The Aquabats super show. The aquabats TV super show!

Johnny is obsessed with it too! Ian came for a visit over the 4th and gave johnny his own aquabats gear...pretty funny!

Sounds like an awesome weekend!

We miss you guys!

Lindsay Cahoon said...

I can't even wait for Ali to be a celebrity. If you guys get your own reality show, I totally want to be on. Maybe we could say I am your nanny or something. Or your pet sitter. Or your personal trainer.