Monday, June 18, 2007


Yippeeeee!!! I can't believe it is finally summer. We had a hard time remembering last night that there was no need to send Emily to bed at 8:30.

We have a busy summer ahead. Grandma Sue already took them to Palm Springs for the weekend. Nothing like swimming all day and having Grandma fulfill your every want and need.

This weekend we leave to go see the East Coast Family. We are excited to see Erin and John's new baby Isabella as well as the E.C. Kendigs / Borgquists. The kids sure miss their cousins. We are going to be in Virginia for almost 2 weeks!

On a side note, never trust Emily. I took the kids swimming last week and the pool hasn't had a cover on it and so the water was a little on the chilly side. She tells Thomas that she will jump in with him at the same time. I kept telling him to hold her hand so she would have to jump. 1, 2, 3... well you know what happened. In goes Thomas, but no Emily.

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Lindsay Cahoon said...

I never really trusted her before, but now I am DEFINITELY never going near #6 with her. Have fun in Virginia!